Proel TSI Suite – Z00 – ZSK File Format

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Proel TSI Suite – Millennium III and FocusCut III softwares

In the next version of Proel TSI Suite, Millennium III and FocusCut III are able to export in another embroidery format: Z00 (Z00-Z99) a ZSK Embroidery Machine File Format.



EMBox – The NEW device to send embroideries to your Embroidery Machines

EMBox Embroidery Box EN

EMBox is the new Proel TSI device to send data to your embroidery machines..

Connect EMBox device stright to the USB port and permanently get rid of your obsolete Floppy Disk, Serial Ports and USB memory stick (if you don’t have a USB port, you can easily replace the Floppy Disk reader with a USB adapter without any modification to the embroidery machine).

Network trasmission from the PC to all your embroidery machines.

This new Proel TSI solution gives you the ability to easily send your embroideries through “EMBox MANAGER” to  Barudan, Tajima, Happy, SWF, ZSK, Brother, Feiya Embroidery Machines and others.

EMBox is avaiable in two versions: “EMBox” and “EMBox Plus“.


  • EMBox Manager Software
  • WIFI & BAR CODE reader options
  • USB alimentation
  • UNLIMITED number of devices


  • EMBox Manager Software
  • WIFI & BAR CODE reader options
  • USB alimentation
  • UNLIMITED number of devices
  • Display
  • Customizable Command Menu
  • Embroidery Machine Monitoring
  • Embroidery production management

For more information please contact Proel TSI sales office: email, phone +39.0432.815047



The New PROEL TSI SUITE version is available in the Download Page of PROEL TSI Account

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Click here to create a Proel TSI Account. Then you will get 3 free registrations and contacting the technical assistance at you can enable the download of the latest versions of PROEL TSI SUITE


  • Files Import: added ZSK (.Z00)
  • Archive, Open File: the existent malfunctions have been removed
  • AUTOPUNCH and True Type Lettering Improvements
  • Print: the Operation List table can extend horizontally according to available space
  • Fixed bugs

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