Proel TSI on Stitches Magazine

LaserBridge_Stitches E-Laser_Stitches

What is it:

This embroidery laser with Windows 8 compatibility is designed to span multihead embroidery machines and/or other work stations up to 120’ (35m) across.

What’s new:
• Latest in PLC logic controller technology
• Integrated Vision System (option sold separately)
• Access to factory remote assist (requires Internet connection)
• Enhanced integration with plotters, and automatic rolling
and feed systems
• Higher capacity for more devices.
Key features:
• High-speed galvanometric laser
• Can be integrated with any embroidery machine
• Variable cutting area of up to 600mm by 600mm (24”) for each embroidery head
• PC controlled via interface cards
• Multiple layers of fabric can be kiss-cut simultaneously
• Number of units sold in North America: 120.
User review:

Keith Kearney is president of Stitches Embroidery (asi/89823) in Pittsburgh and has worked with BITO USA for his machine needs since 2007. “Owner Ed Balady doesn’t just sell you a product,” Kearney says. “He sets you up for success. He truly cares about his clients and makes certain that they’re in line to be productive into the future. He believes in his product, and
so do I. We couldn’t be more satisfied with our Proel Laser Bridge, and Ed has stayed in close contact with us ever since
to be sure of that satisfaction.”


Proel TSI E-Laser 1200 All In One Embroidery Laser

What is it:

The 1200 is a combination single-head laser and 12-needle embroidery machine with ear-to-ear cap sewing field
(400mm high by 520mm wide) and optional specialty cap sewing frames.

What’s new:
• Operator can choose power level, either 30 or 50 watts, to cut materials such as canvas, suede and synthetic leather
• Laser beam comes out of the needle 14 position and shoots down into the hole of the needle plate; laser is moved by
the machine’s motor, not the pantograph, making it possible to do headwear
• Embroidery head shield.
Key features:
• Maximum speed of 1,200 spm
• Easy design positioning with easy design trace and visual hoop maps
• Multi-position arms accept a wide variety of hoops and accessories. User review: Ethan Lipsitz is CEO of Los Angeles-based Apliiq Inc., which specializes in custom appliqué apparel and accessories at He says the Proel TSI E-Laser 1200 All In One Embroidery Laser is very precise, as long as the laser is clean and running properly.
“From time to time the laser gets dirty and the strength isn’t consistent,” he explains,“but otherwise it’s performed well for us so far. There was definitely a learning curve, but with practice and communication with the Proel team, we’ve been getting better with it.”

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