Millennium III on Stitches Magazine

Millennium III on Stitches Millennium III on Stitches text

Proel Millennium III
Bito USA, Deer Park, NY;
(866) 248-6872;
Cost:Contact vendor for pricing.
What it is:Proel Millennium III is a comprehensive embroidery software digitizing program with laser-cutting capabilities that allows the customer to purchase the amount of capabilities and features needed with the option to add advanced tools later.
Basic functions include lettering, editing, basic digitizing, advanced digitizing and automatic digitizing.
What’s new:
• Automatically digitizes vectors and deposits stitches to vector-defined artwork. The user can create complex fills with void areas, a feature that has eluded almost all other systems
• Ability to send an image to customers for approval of digitized embroidery designs without the customer needing an embroidery program to view it
• Outputs machine data in multiple machine formats and produces detailed work sheets for a firm’s production department.
Key features:
• Creates specialty stitch motifs such as hearts, flowers, diamonds, circles and more
• Offers complex fills, with the sophisticated calculation for voided areas within complex fills
• Works with Auto Laser Lettering (ALL) to integrate embroidery with laser cutting; includes programming necessary for an embroidery machine to sew out a digitized design and to automatically cut out an appliqué shape using a laser bridge machine or a single-head laser attached to an embroidery machine • Allows operator to do lines, curves and arcs in order to
digitize any type of artwork
• Allows operator to control entry and exit points, and control the types of stitches created.

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