NEW Millennium III Tutorials

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On-line the new tutorials of Millennium III and Proel TSI SUITE

On our YouTube channel dedicated to Millennium III software we have uploaded several video tutorials concerning download, installation, activation and use of the professional embroidery software Millennium III.

Here is the list of new Video Tutorial:

  • How to Create a Proel TSI Account [View]
  • How to download Proel TSI Suite [View]
  • How to install Proel TSI Suite [View]
  • How to register Millennium III [View]
  • Millennium III Initial Settings [View]
  • Millennium III Shape Creation [View]
  • Millennium III Shapes Editing [View]
  • Millennium III Running Stitch [View]
  • Millennium III Column [View]
  • Millennium III True Type Lettering [View]
  • Archive 2.0 Install SQL Server [View]
  • Archive 2.0 File Explorer [View]
  • Archive 2.0 Database [View]
  • Archive 2.0 Order Tools [View]
  • Archive 2.0 Search and Filters [View]
  • Archive 2.0 Thumbnails Details [View]

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