Export to HappyJapan Embroidery Machines Machine Parameters Setting

The New Transmission to HappyJapan embroidery machines (with TCP-IP protocol) allows you to set all the embroidering parameters. FocusCut III and the Millennium III, before the embroidery transmission, display the following Dialog for any parameter assignment :

If you already have a Proel TSI Account enabled for download, you can download new Proel TSI SUITE version with latest versions of Millennium III (software for embroidery creation) and FocusCut III (software for laser machines)  that contain this new feature.

Click here to go directly to your Proel TSI Account and download the latest versions of Millennium III and FocusCut III.

Don’t you have a Proel TSI Account ?

Click here to create a new Proel TSI Account. Then you will get 3 free registrations and contacting the technical support, at support@proeltsi.com, you can enable the download of the latest versions of FocusCut III and Millennium III.

For any enquire about software download, please contact Proel TSI support department at the e-mail address support@proeltsi.com or by phone at +39.0432.815047

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