We have finally found the time…

We have finally found the time to reactivate this social channel.
For those who do not know yet … we Proel software developers, following an agreement with HappyJapan, at the beginning of 2022 obtained the management of Proel Software in order to be able to continue to evolve and maintain them.
Since February of this year we have therefore resumed providing customer support, updating software and providing new ones, enabling or implementing new features.
For your software needs please write to us at software@proel.it and we will get back to you.
Unfortunately, at the moment there is no one who has decided to take over the part concerning the Proel laser machines.
However, for any needs regarding Proel laser machines write to us at this address laser@proel.it .
We will put you directly in contact with professionals or companies who can help you.

Proel’s Software Developers

Clemente Francesco
Marchesan Cristiano
Spadaccio Francesco

For more informations about us <click here>.


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